Engineering Industries complex was found since 1974 and was called (the industrial complex) which contains the following production factories mentioned hereunder inaugurated in 1978 (date of the initial operation ) :-

1. Electric meters factory.
2. Electric Iron steam factory.
3. Spark plug factory.
4. Ceiling fan factory

In 1983
the project of transformers ( Both distribution tansformers,and power transformers) were inaugurated .

In 1984
new spark plug factory was established instead of the old one.

In the same year
All above mentioned factories were gathered under the name of AL-QADISSIYA state enterprise for electric industries.

In 1990
Argon factory was inaugurated to produce gases of Oxygen and Argon.

In 1998
the state enterprise changed into the system of a company.

In 2003
optical fiber cable factory was inaugurated.

In 2003
changed name of AL-QADISSIYA company to DIALA state company for electrical industries.

In 2013
Electrical meters  factory was inaugurated.

In 2015
obtained international quality certificate ISO 9001: 2008 for
Company Headquarters,
the distribution transformers factory , the power  transformers factory and optical fiber cable factory.
In 2016
merged the Al-Mansour State Company with our company under the name of Diala State Company.

In 2017
Unmerged the Al-Mansour State Company and our company and still the name of company
Diala State Company.

Diala cataloque

2 Announcement of participation in the project to establish a factory to produce electrical power transformers


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