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Disclaimer :We accept letters of guarantee private insurance and the initial letters of the special security to ensure the good performance from the banks listed below only:
* Trade Bank of Iraq
* Al- Rafidain Bank
* Al- Rasheed Bank
* Investment Bank of Iraq
* Iraqi Middle East Investment Bank
* North Bank for Finance and Investment
* Gulf Commercial Bank
* Credit Bank of Iraq
* National Bank of Iraq
* Iraqi Islamic Bank
* Tigris and Euphrates Bank for Development and Investment
* Islamic National Bank
* Agricultural Bank of Turkey

Rehabilitation Tenders

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13 MB
Re-Announcement Tender
Supplying pressboard & insulating paper for power transformers factory . factories
Closing Date: 22/2/2015

6 MB
7/2015 Supplying copper strip in coil with rounded edge code No. R139/B for distribution transformer
Closing Date: 23/2/2015

10 MB
Re-Announcement Tender
Supplying welding wires (defrent type and dimansion ) and flux -cored wire for CO2 for transformer factories
Closing Date: 23/3/2015

7.8 MB
Re-Announcement Tender
Supplying grain oriented silicon steel for power & distribution transformer factory .
Closing Date:4/2/2015

5.57 MB
Re-announcement Tender
Supplying hot rolled steel sheets for power & distribution factory
Closing Date: 2/2/2015

7.03 MB
Re-announcement Ttender
Supplying diamond dotted pattern presspaper in roll cod no. R128/B and R129/B for distribution factory .
Closing Date:3/2/2015

6.2 MB
Re-Announcement Tender
supplying paper phenol insulation tube and woven tape , for power and distribution transformer
Closing Date:10/2/2015

18 MB
Re-Announcement Tender
Supplying modren and new (coil rurn number counter)for distribution transformers factory
Closing Date: 9/2/2015
Local Tenders

3.11 MB
101/2015 Supplying 60 ton liquid argon gas with cone no. G001/A
Closing Date: 23/3/2015
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